Notty is a unique marketing tool designed to grow your business

Run promotions to acquire new leads, segment them so you can target precisely and use new technologies like Facebook notifications and custom audience for improved communication. /impact

Acquire new leads

Acquire new leads

Run promotions on Facebook, micro or embeded on your site. Fully brandable, with all analytics and mobile friendly.

Know your customers

Segment leads by all possible statistics and your custom questions & answers. Listen and learn.

Communicate smartly

Use new technologies like Facebook notifications and custom audience. Also traditional email marketing.

Built on your’s Facebook application

Built on your’s Facebook application

Why do you need your Facebook app?

Most contest software companies are promoting email marketing as the way to go – because they can’t offer more. The reason behind is that they are using the same Facebook app for all of their customers.

Our solution is built over your Facebook app, so you get much more from captured leads – not just emails, but ability to connect users with custom audience, send them notifications and much much more…

Bottom line: Get real users, not just some pieces of theirs data!

Acquire new leads

Use these apps to grow, entertain and get to know your customers. All run on your Facebook app, so you can easily reach subscribers later via email, notifications or targeted promoting.




Boost your customer base by giving away a grand prize. Participants collect points by spreading the word about your promotion.

Group prize Facebook contest app

Group prize

Suitable for prizes for two or more people. Participants invite their friends to share the prize and so virally boost you user base!

Photo Contest Facebook App

Photo contest

Users select from their facebook albums an image to enter the contest, while their firends vote for their favourite.

Web promotion

If you want to generate more emails use this promotion. It offers email based login + facebook login.

Video promotion

Use this app if you have a great video and want virally to boost views + gain new customers.

Start getting new customers for your business

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Get to know your customers better

Ask participants anything you want to know and create segmentations based on these questions & answers.

Know your customers

Ask the right questions

Ask participants anything you want to know – quality leads can be identified with smart questions.


Create segmentations

Create segmentations based on questions & answers. Start communicating with the right content for the right people.


Thanks to the advanced segmentation from Notty, we were able to identify important customers and contact them appropriately.

Marijana Dukanovič, Head of marketing, Elementum

Facebook communication built into system

With advanced segmentation and new technologies it’s easy to start a good conversation with your customers.

1 : 1 Communication

Start communicating with customers on a more personalized and 1:1 basis.

Mass notifications

Very similar as traditional mailing campaign, only much easier, faster and better responces!

Triggered responds

Send notifications to user based on specific actions with your promotion.